Our wonderful committee will be hard at work making your time with Athletics & XC as amazing as possible. From leading training sessions to organising trips, from super fun socials (regardless of covid, we will have fun) to the mud filled fields of a Scottish XC course, your committee will be there through it all! So here they are, make sure to look out for their friendly faces (watch out for Henry’s, his is often less friendly!).

Alex Robinson – President

Kieran Cooper – Treasurer

Abby Cobb – Secretary

Capri Mancini – Women’s XC Captain

Henry Ramsay – Men’s XC Captain

Courtney Moffat – Women’s Athletics Captain

Chris Stewart – Men’s Athletics Captain

Isabel Remers – Publicity Officer

Avery Kitchens – Social Secretary

Aidan Lynch – Social Secretary

Anne Metcalf-McDonald – Community Outreach Officer

Charles Norman – Beginner and Alumni Representative

Thomas Mann – Safety and Wellbeing Officer




University of St Andrews Athletics & Cross Country Club

Sports Centre
St Leonards Road
St Andrews
KY16 9DY
Scotland, United Kingdom



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